Women who Sprint

5 women who are taking the Design Sprint and totally owning it

At a recent Design Sprint Training workshop at Etch Sprints

It’s International Women’s Day and a great time to share some of the Sprint Influencers who I follow everyday.

I did a similar story last year on product designers I follow on Instagram if you want to check that one out 🔥

1. Sabrina Goerlich

Strategic Designer/Design Sprint Master in Affalterbach, Deutschland.

I’ve had a few chats with Sabrina. She’s always one to take on a new challenge, not only in work, but also in play. Always sharing what she’s learning and including as many people as possible.

Sabrina Goerlich — Queen 👸

Follow her Design Sprint content on Design Sprint Studio and her personal account.

2. Esther Wieringa

Product Designer & Design Sprint Lead based in Leiden working at Angi Studio where she designs digital experiences or facilitates Design Sprints for clients like: SNS Bank, Telfort, Greenchoice and the Municipality of The Hague.

I’m on the Design Sprint Slack Channel with Esther and we’ve been chatting recently about user testing setups and top tips. Esther also does in-depth Instagram Stories on how to approach design challenges.

Esther Wieringa — Queen 👸

Follow her stories on Angi Studio’s Instagram account.

3. Kai Haley

Lead of Design Relations and the Google Sprint Master Academy. Enabling the design of amazing experiences in San Francisco, USA.

Kai invited me to the Google SprintCon last year and I love chatting to her about what’s happening in the Sprint community.

Kai Haley — Queen 👸

Read her posts on Medium, and her tweets. Daniel Stillman also did an excellent podcast with her about building a Sprint culture.

4. Tina Pancheva

Tina is a designer with a natural creative talent at Etch, UK. She is full of ideas and intuition with both modern and traditional skills, and helps us to think deeply about the possibilities of visual design. She loves a good horror and a good laugh too!

I’ve worked with Tina a couple of times this year so far and looking forward to many more!

Tina Pancheva — Queen 👸

Follow her on Instagram.

5. Tali Cahani

The ghost-writer of the 4-day Design Sprint! Tali recently moved to the UK after a stint at AJ&Smart in Berlin.

Hoping to catch up with her in-person in the next few months in Manchester, UK. She’s now working at the Co-operative Bank as a Senior UX Researcher and is loving the yoga scene up there!

Tali Cahani — Queen 👸

Follow her stories on Instagram.

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